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Aces Against Two Non-Regulars

I’ve got a number of different responses from various regulars I’ve asked about this hand, so I thought I’d post it here and try and get some consensus. I haven’t seen either of these guys at 400nl (or anywhere) before this session. I didn’t see the hand that MP1 got his stack with and haven’t seen him showdown in any big pots. Anyway… what range are you putting him on here and what action do […]


AA in Blind Battle, Turn Line Check

I am a full ring regular trying my hand at some six max. This hand could just as easily have happened at full ring, but was just interested on your perspective as the dynamic is a tad different. Villain seemed pretty solid, we had just recently played a blind vs blind pot where I stacked off with AJ on an A high flop to his set of sixes. Poker Stars $2/$4 No Limit Hold’em – […]

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