October Goals

Poker In September I continued my discipline when it came to reviewing my sessions and being honest with self-analysis. I was kind of disappointed with the volume I put it though and that I didn’t use my time not playing to relax as much as I should have as well. In October I’d like to get back to playing some serious volume as well as work on really improving my game away from the table. […]


AFL Grand Final Review – Part 1

Amazingly, this blog will be a two parts! For only the third time in 114 years the AFL Grand Final has finished with a tie. In the regular season when two teams end the game tied, it’s called a draw and they split the competition points and in the early rounds of the finals series the teams play 5 minutes each way to get a winner. In a Grand Final though, it means the entire […]


Going to the AFL Grand Final

This Saturday I’ll be attending my 4th AFL Grand Final in a row, my 8th in the last decade and 9th overall. A lot of people don’t get the chance to see one, let alone one with their own team, let alone one where their team wins, let alone THREE where their team wins! I’ve had an amazing amount of luck with ticketing ballots over the years and following a successful team! I’ll be posting […]


The Melbourne Storm Dilemma

Earlier this year, the National Rugby League (NRL) team that I have passionately followed since their inception in 1998 was revealed to have been cheating the league’s salary cap. Over the last 5 seasons they’ve paid the players millions of dollars over the cap, keeping two sets of books. Supposedly, none of the players or coaching staff were aware and it was all masterminded by the CEO and a few other administrators. The league came […]


September Goals

Poker August was an interesting month, to say the least. I started off playing really poorly and not having a lot of things going my way. I fought through that though and I’m especially proud of the way I a) kept showing up every session with a really great attitude and b) kept working on my game away from the tables, in particular constant hand reviews. It would have been easy for me to pack […]

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