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PokerStars Games & Tournaments When it comes to playing poker there isn’t a better option than PokerStars (see this review), whether we’re talking online or live. The huge range of poker games and massive guaranteed tournaments are more expansive than any other poker room in the world. You can compete for millions of dollars in cash every week at PokerStars. They have a great loyalty program that rewards you a higher rakeback as you move […]


June 2013 Update: Returning to Pacific Poker

I’ve been in the poker wilderness for quite some time now, but am planning to make my return this month.  I’m feeling extremely fresh having not even thought about poker for well over 6 weeks. I’ve decided I am going to make my return at Pacific Poker, the very site I first started my poker career on. They are currently running their Pacific Poker 11th Birthday Campaign and I’m planning to re-build my bankroll there. They are running 11 […]


Update and WSOP Asia

I haven’t updated my poker blog in forever. I’ve started a new blog over at AndyFerg.com for anyone interested in productivity, life hacking and physical fitness I recommend you check it out. I’ve been putting a decent amount of volume in at the tables of late, but am also in the process of acquiring a new business with someone I met through poker. It’s an exciting prospect, but a slow one tha requires a lot of […]


Fifteen Minutes To The Zone

the zone

I’ve been reading a few productivity books lately and have become inspired to use my time more efficiently as I have become a bit wayward in it’s management in recent times. Something that I read about and mulled over how it applied to poker is the notion that it takes 15 minutes of total focus on something until you are in ‘the short zone’. The definition of  ‘the short zone’ is an uninterrupted state of productivity if you […]


Confidence: Part 1: Champions Harness Fears And Doubts


Having confidence when you play poker won’t ensure that you’re a winning player, but when coupled with a good technical and mental game can make a tremendous difference to your win rate. Not only that, but feeling confident about your abilities will make you a happier poker player who’s willing to grind more hours. It will also have flow on effects to other parts of your mental game that will make you more tilt-proof during […]


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