June Goals

June Goals – Get all new house related items done – 3 new gym PBs – 45 minutes a day of cardio – Go to bed earlier – Finish 2/3 of the books I’m reading May Goals Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed – Finish Agent Orange MVP voting – Study the higher stakes games and players – 3 new PBs at gym – Include more abs/core excercises in my program – […]


Live Play At Crown

I went into Crown last night with two micro-stakes online grinders Brad and Matt to play some live cash games. I staked them some in the $2/$3nl game and went and played $2/$5 myself. For a Friday night my table was pretty uneventful at first, everyone was playing pretty tight and straight forward, no one was drinking etc. etc. My first major hand was two black jacks in the hole, a few limpers in front […]


Sickening Head Clash

I’ve been critical of Selwood in the past, and probably thought we should de-list him at the end of last year. Under Voss he has grown though, as have other fringe players. His work in the last few weeks has given me new respect for him as did his eyes for the ball in this sick contest (video). Well done to Rance as well, too bad he fractures his cheekbone and he is in my […]


May Goals

So I was a pretty huge failure with my goals in April. The fitness goal is probably the only one that annoys me though. I’m still waiting on some of the votes to come in for the Agent Orange MVP award, so there wasn’t much i could do there. Poker wise I had my best month ever, so it is hard to be fussed about my goal of starting more tables. May Goals – Finish […]


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