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Stratosphere Tower, Thrill Rides & Poker

Hui opted not to join us, but last night Rohan and I took a short cab ride down to the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is the tallest building in Vegas and is the north most major casino on the strip. Upon arriving we headed up the lift to the observation deck. It provided spectacular views of both the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas by night. While the views were breathe taking, Rohan and I were really […]


Dubbo Zoo & The Long Road – Day 3

We started out by getting up bright and early, checking out of our overnight stay and heading to Dubbo’s Open Range Zoo. We hired a push bike each and headed out along the track, doing a full circuit of the whole place. It was a great time of day to do it because there weren’t many people around. When we were about to leave the crowds were starting to build so we were glad to […]


Farewell USA

78 days and 63 blogs later it is time to say goodbye to the United States and head home. Being on the road for such a long period of time has made me appreciate a lot of things, the least of which is home so it will be good to get back. This being my final blog I thought it would be a good time to reflect and then look towards the future. Well, two […]


Downtown New York City

I went into New York City for possibly the last time today. I decided to take a different route and go via the airport train station. Train ticket from there cost $15, whereas my usually station costs $5.50 and it is further away, go figure. It was a stinking hot day, really humid and my walk of the downtown area took me through a few parks which were highly populated with people trying to escape […]


New Jersey Outlet Mall

I caught the hotel shuttle to the airport Air Train terminal for the first time today. From there, they have a free shuttle that runs to the Outlet Mall every half hour. The mall was similar to the one Emmy and I went to in Vegas, a few more stores maybe. I only bought some sock, couldn’t find any shoes that I liked and a top that I liked wasn’t in my size. I’ll be […]


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