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Melbourne to Hong Kong to Macau

We have just arrived at our hotel in Macau after a midnight flight out of Melbourne followed by an adventure finding our way from Hong Kong airport to Macau. It is currently 10am local time, so it took about 13 hours to get here. We can’t check-in yet so we are just hanging around in the lobby, which disappointingly doesn’t seem to have wireless. The hotel/casino is very classy though, giant chandeliers and marble all […]


2008 NRL Grand Final – Storm vs. Sea Eagles

It sucked, we got thrashed, the end. Okay okay… I’ll go into a bit more detail. Plane arrived in Syndey with no hassles and I met up with Hui at the airport. Rohan had driven up from Sydney and parked in a long term car park that was a couple of km’s away so we caught a cab to pick him up and then go to the hotel, which was pretty close to the airport […]


Dell Studio 17 Laptop For Poker

My new Dell Studio 17 laptop arrived the other day and I forgot to blog about it! The reason behind my purchase was preparation for a long hot summer spent under the air conditioner and to give me scope to travel in the future. The other laptops I have are old and can’t handle the rigors of mass-tabling online poker so it was time for an upgrade. I got a choice of colour and I […]


Back To The Grind

Sorry for the delay in posting since I’ve been back, but I have had a lot to catch up on! The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was nothing short of brutal and I am still feeling the effects of it all. I will certainly never be flying Untied Airlines again. The seats were so uncomfortable that my circulation in my legs still hasn’t returned to normal. On top of that they were so slow […]


Las Vegas to Los Angeles

We were blessed with Free Wireless at Las Vegas airport so we weren’t bored at all between checking out of the hotel and our 3:45pm flight. On the flight from Australia to LAX on the way Hui and I had been wishing we had a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Sure enough at the airport Bose had a booth set up and we both bought a pair (pictured below). They were pretty expensive, but I […]


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