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Brisbane Lions vs Melbourne Demons Match Report

It is hard to be disappointed in a percentage boosting win, indeed there were a lot of positives to come out of the game, but I can’t help feeling a tinge disappointed. Our scoring accuracy was shocking, the margin should have been 80 points at least. Our defensive pressure was brilliant, we made the opposition crumble with our chase and tackle. Some of delivery to our key forwards was atrocious, I lost count of the […]


Brisbane Lions vs Hawthorn Match Report

Tonight was our best game of the season, even though we lost! We played four genuine quarters of football and matched it with what has to be the second best team going around at the moment. Lance Franklin was just too good for us, some of his goals and Rioli’s one from the boundary were the difference really. Daniel Bradshaw has been awesome since his return, but the form of Jonathan Brown is concern. The […]


Brisbane Lions vs Port Power Match Report

We are the pride of Brisbane town, We wear maroon, blue and gold. We will always fight for victory, Like Fitzroy, and Bears of old. All for one, and one for all, We will answer to the call. Go Lions, Brisbane Lions, We’ll kick the winning score. You’ll hear our mighty roar! ROAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will not have a better victory this season, unless we make the finals that is! We were absolutely horrendous in the […]


Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney Match Report

Sydney have the wood over us, Leigh Matthews is constantly out coached by Paul Roos. We have no answer for Adam Goodes, the Swans size beats us at the stoppages and our defenders have no way of stopping the good delivery coming into the Swans forward line. It is so frustrating at the moment that we play great for these 10 minute periods in matches and then completely lose focus at other stages. It has […]


Brisbane Lions vs. Collingwood Match Report

My first live game for the season, the Lions first home game and a much needed victory, albeit we did it the hard way. Unlike last week there weren’t too many players making up the numbers for the Lions, maybe Sherman, Henderson and Hooper are the only players who had quiet ones. I still have my reservations about the team this year though, in the first two games of the season they have had periods […]


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