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The Melbourne Storm Dilemma

Earlier this year, the National Rugby League (NRL) team that I have passionately followed since their inception in 1998 was revealed to have been cheating the league’s salary cap. Over the last 5 seasons they’ve paid the players millions of dollars over the cap, keeping two sets of books. Supposedly, none of the players or coaching staff were aware and it was all masterminded by the CEO and a few other administrators. The league came […]


Sickening Head Clash

I’ve been critical of Selwood in the past, and probably thought we should de-list him at the end of last year. Under Voss he has grown though, as have other fringe players. His work in the last few weeks has given me new respect for him as did his eyes for the ball in this sick contest (video). Well done to Rance as well, too bad he fractures his cheekbone and he is in my […]


2008 NRL Grand Final – Storm vs. Sea Eagles

It sucked, we got thrashed, the end. Okay okay… I’ll go into a bit more detail. Plane arrived in Syndey with no hassles and I met up with Hui at the airport. Rohan had driven up from Sydney and parked in a long term car park that was a couple of km’s away so we caught a cab to pick him up and then go to the hotel, which was pretty close to the airport […]


Melbourne Storm vs. Manly Sea Eagles Preview

I’m flying up to Sydney around midday tomorrow to attend the 2008 NRL grand final between the Melbourne Storm and Manly Sea Eagles. It is the second year in a row that the two teams have faced off in the season decider. I am a lot less confident this time around than I was last time, but I think I’m actually more fires up. If the Storm do happen to get over the line I […]


Joined A Cricket Team

After getting the idea that I wanted to play regular cricket as well as indoor cricket this summer early in the year, it is finally all coming together. Brad and I have had our first two training sessions with Hampton Central Cricket Club and have decided to join them for the season. They field six sides in differing grades, it will be interesting to see where we fit into the picture. There is only one […]


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