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Red Sox vs. White Sox

I went for a long run in the morning up to Harvard Square and that was just about the highlight of the day. Nothing much really went right from there on out. I left the hotel at one, got some lunch on the way to the train station and then caught the subway the few stops into the city centre. With a huge day of walking ahead, as soon as I left the subway station […]


Fenway Park Tour

Today was the first time I have seen rain for the entire trip. When I started out walking to Fenway the clouds looked a little threatening, but it was so sticky and humid I really wasn’t too worried if it did rain. Sure enough it started when I was halfway through the 5km walk to the ballpark. I had to rush a little in the end, but I got there in time to go on […]


Fenway Park, Red Sox vs KC Royals

Today was the day to cross another item off my life objectives list. I’ve been a Red Sox fan for a number of years now, started following them seriously once school ended and I could track and watch the games during the day time. Fenway Park was built in 1912 and it has remained relatively untouched since. There is so much history in the place that you can just feel it when you get close […]


An Amazing Night of Sports Betting

As I have mentioned in the blog before, the last couple of months Hui and I have been experimenting with sports betting, we have been following a number of free and subscription sports betting services as well as a few well versed tipsters. It has been a slow process, but we had slowly build up to a profit of about US$1700 only to have a bit of a downswing to about +$1000. Well last night […]


I Play At PokerStars

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