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Back To The Grind

Sorry for the delay in posting since I’ve been back, but I have had a lot to catch up on! The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was nothing short of brutal and I am still feeling the effects of it all. I will certainly never be flying Untied Airlines again. The seats were so uncomfortable that my circulation in my legs still hasn’t returned to normal. On top of that they were so slow […]


Agent Orange Cricket Match Report

We are finally back on the winners list! I was surprised that despite our recent losing streak we still remained inside the top four leading into last nights match. We were set to play the team in 5th place, so it was an important game for us to win. We started in the field as they were a little short to begin with, and we managed to restrict them to 53. There were no weak […]


Cricket By The Beach

It was a stinking hot day in Melbourne today, but I got out an enjoyed a bit of the sun in the morning hours. After the technician left my house (hopefully all my Internet problems are over now), I headed out to Gordon’s house. He lives right near the beach and he, Brad and I sug in for a bit of cricket in the park there. With the skyscrapers on the city in the background […]


Ouch… That One Stings – Agent Orange Match Report

We’ve lost a lot of games of cricket and soccer, we’ve taken some real thrashing, but I think it is safe to say this is the most dejecting loss we have suffered. We took an 87-68 lead into the final skin and lost the match 68-59. As defeated as we all feel, I’m sure Gordon is feeling like he has let the team down in some way at the moment, but he hasn’t. Cricket is […]


Agent Orange Match Report – I Hate Losing To Bad Sports

I can cop a loss on the chin, but it really gets under my skin losing to a bunch of pricks who show no sportsmanship or respect for the game. The main reason for playing a casual sport like indoor cricket is having a great time and enjoy yourself, and that all gets sucked out of it when your opposition shows poor etiquette or carries on a bit too much. I mentioned in last week’s […]


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