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Agent Orange Update!

It’s been an eternity since I last blogged about the trials and tribulations of the might Agent Orange Sports Club. LifeFish readers will never have heard of them so I will provide a bit of background. We are an indoor sports club that formed in 2006. At first, we only had an Indoor Soccer side, but soon after we started an indoor cricket team too. I take my indoor cricket a lot more seriously than […]


Indoor Cricket Hat-Trick

I took my first ever real match hat-trick last night at indoor cricket and it was a timely one. With the opposition on 78 going we were looking down the barrel of a 90+ total, which is usually pretty tough to chase. The first ball of my over was an edge that hit the back side net and went to the keeper for a caught behind. The batsman seemed to get frustrated and next ball […]


Indoor Cricket: Kicking Off The Summer Season

After the excitement and drama of last week’s grand final it was time to settle into a new season of Indoor Cricket. We had two changes to the grand final side, with Brad returning from overseas and Cooper making his Agent Orange debut. We lost the toss and were sent into bat. Cody and I are making a habit of getting the team off to very solid starts with another 30+ total. Next to bat […]


Indoor Cricket Grand Final

We ahd our first ever Indoor Cricket Grand Final on Wednesday night. We won the toss and I elected to bowl first, we won our semi-final that way an in the qualifying final against the same opponent we had lost badly batting first. We managed to keep them to 86, we chased down 83 in the semi-final so I wasn’t too unhappy with that result. Our abtting started really well, after three overs Cody and […]


Indoor Cricket Semi-Final Thriller

After 83 games of indoor cricket my team is finally through to a grand final! The semi-final is probably the best game I have been involved in. Every single team member had a hand in the thrilling three run victory and I couldn’t be prouder of the them. The thrill of victory wasn’t without some heart stopping moments though, we bowled first and were set 80 for victory, in the last couple of overs we […]


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