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PokerSavvy Plus+ Review

I was contacted by the guys at PokerSavvy Plus and asked to do a review of their site. They hooked my up with an account and since then I’ve been watching there videos. Of course, I started out by watching their full-ring content, which there isn’t all that much of unfortunately. Funnily enough, in the first video I watched which was Isaac Haxton’s 200nl full-ring and I was actually a player at one of the […]


Hand Reading – A Fun Excercise (Video)

Fun Game To Play – Download Video! It has been a while since I last put out a video and this is one with a little difference. There is definitely a lot to be gained from sharpening your ability to read the hands of your opponents. With that in mind this is a demonstration of an exercise I like to do to work on my skills. All you need is PokerTracker and some old hand […]


6 Tabling NL200 Video

Download Here Runs for about 35 mins, file size is 130MB. Hopefully you enjoy my heavy breathing during this one. This was a pretty uneventful video, there weren’t that many interesting hands, but I decided to post it anyway. I made a few small mistakes, mostly because I was concentrating on talking and got rushed for time. The resolution is quite crappy so it might be hard to make out specific stack sizes and stats, […]


Stoxpoker Subscription

Last night I decided to sign up to Stoxpoker, a coaching web site with videos and forums. I read reviews of all the major video coaching services and they seemed to be the best. They have a few full ring videos, of which I have watched a couple so far. I’ve learned a lot from them already, even though most of them are at stakes a little higher than I play and also there are […]


6 Tabling NL100 Video

Download Here Runs for about an hour and a half, file size is 452MB. This was nearly a month ago now, back when I was at 100NL. I feel like my play has come on a lot since, but overall this video is not too bad. I only cast a glancing eye over it before I uploaded it though. The AA laydown feels kind of wrong post the event, but at the time I remember […]

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