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Cash Game Table Selection

One of the most important and least talked about concepts in poker is table and game selection. I take pride in my choice of games to play in, I may not be the greatest poker player going around, but I feel like table selection is a real strength of mine. With practical and rational decision making before you sit in a poker game you can increase your win rate by so much. A break-even player […]


Poker Theorems

Trying to up the poker content on the old blog so I thought I’d write a summary of some of the little generalisations and theorems that are floating around the poker world… Baluga Theorem When you are the pre-flop raiser, you c-bet the flop and have your turn bet raised your one pair hands probably aren’t good. Yeti Theorem A flop 3-bet on a dry board (usually a paired one) it is often a bluff. […]


Poker with Confidence

I thought it would be good to write a little piece on a concept in poker that is rarely touched upon, but I feel is very important. I’d like to talk a little about confidence levels, the psychological kind, not the mathematical kind. Whether you are new to poker or an experienced grinder, your self-confidence can have a dramatic impact upon the way you play and approach each poker session. Your bankroll is going to […]


Combatting Aggressive 3-Bettors

Combating Aggressive Three-Bettors in NL Hold ’em, Part 1 Combating Aggressive Three-Bettors in NL Hold’em, Part 2 Here are two great articles written by the guys from Stox Poker. Having a read through these really prompted me to look at the mathematics behind three-betting situations. Once I upgrade to Poker Tracker 3 it is something I plan to do a lot more work on. Having once again made 200nl my regular game recently, it is […]


Stacking Off vs. Short Stacks Pre-flop In Cash Games

An unknown player has a 40 big blind(bb) stack in the big blind, it is folded to you in the cut off seat and you raise 4bb with JJ. It is folded, to the short stack in the big blind who pushes, should you call? In these types of situations I assign a standard pushing range for your run of the mill short stack. Equity & Ranges – As Calculated in PokerStove Short stack: 51.402% […]

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