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Search Engine Optimization

I’ve been doing some tweaking of my blog the last day or so to try and improve my search engine ranking. I’ve been reading a lot of useful articles and watching some tubetutorials on the subject. Hopefully the results shouldn’t take long and I can start getting more traffic. If anyone has any advice related to SEO of WordPress blogs, I would love to hear it!


Stoxpoker Subscription

Last night I decided to sign up to Stoxpoker, a coaching web site with videos and forums. I read reviews of all the major video coaching services and they seemed to be the best. They have a few full ring videos, of which I have watched a couple so far. I’ve learned a lot from them already, even though most of them are at stakes a little higher than I play and also there are […]


My Thoughts On & Experience With Multi-Tabling

In order to accelerate your learning curve, reduce your variance, get less bored/tilty, increasing your hourly rate and work off bonuses it is essential to be able to multi-table proficiently at small stakes. I’ve always multi-tabled, but over the last few months I’ve stepped it up a gear, moving from 4-6 to 8-10 tables. A lot of players out there can do 12+ without losing much value and that is what I am working towards. […]


I Play At PokerStars

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