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Full-Ring Friends Series: WCG|Rider

I had the pleasure of meeting Doug in person while I was over in America earlier this year. Before that time and beyond our real life meeting he has always been someone available for discussion and a good friend. We used to play a whole lot of full-ring together back in the day and it has been interesting to watch his poker progress and his profile grow over time. You can check out his blog, […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: Speedle

Really glad I got a hold of Speedle for this, his rise up the stakes always impressed me and it was great to learn more about him. If you are interested in following his progress be sure to check out Speedle’s Blog. Tell me a bit about your poker story, how you came to be involved in online poker and what made you choose full-ring no limit games. July 2006 a friend of mine linked […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: Ranka

A big thank you to Ranka for doing this interview! He was worried that his English wouldn’t be good enough, but he did an excellent job. It was great to learn more about him, how he became involved in poker and Estonian life. You are from Estonia. A lot of us know absolutely nothing about your country… What are some of the things we should know and what are the pros and cons of living […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: MizouClipper

Welcome to the third edition of the series, this time our guest is MizouClipper on PokerStars and Stonewalled on 2+2. I didn’t know all that much about him before other than him being a very good poker player, so I got a lot out of this one! Thanks for the interview Mizou! What is the origin of both your 2+2 username and Stars SN? My 2+2 user-name is Stonewalled. It just comes from a nickname […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: TiltBad

Welcome to the second instalment in my series of interviews with no limit full-ring cash game regulars that I have become friends with over my time as a player in those games. This week’s guest plays as tiltbad on PokerStars and posts on 2+2 as PartysOver. He has a highly entertaining blog and does some coaching if you are interested. I’d like to thank him for his time in answering these questions and I hope […]


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