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RaiderDuck vs. EurekaKid Interview – Part 1: Poker and Poker Lifestyle

Hey everyone! Followers of the blog will remember a few months ago I was doing interviews of some of the more interesting friends I’ve made playing full-ring poker. It’s now my turn to go under the microscope! My good friend RaiderDuck has compiled a bunch of questions for me and I’ll be putting out a series with my responses. Hopefully, once it’s all over I get the chance to turn the spotlight on him! I […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: GoMukYaSelf

How did you get started in poker? Started playing poker just like everyone else, in the dorm, drinking beers and playing $5 and $10 tournaments with my friends back in ’04. A few of the other guys were doing decent online (who wasn’t in those days) so I decided to give it a shot and deposited $50 on Stars to play SNGs. I busted that and around 10-15 more $50 deposits mostly by playing way […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: Petteytheft

What is your poker story and what led you to full-ring over other variations of the game? My poker story started with playing freerolls all the time. I used to go to a certain website where it posted freerolls and their times on various sites. I was also involved on a forum, and that’s where I got my first money by winning $20 in their freeroll of 50 people or so. My friends and I […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: Coordi

What is your poker story and what led you to full-ring over other variations of the game? I hope people find this entertaining or at least learn a lesson from it. Also I wish I was a better story teller . Oh yea, and my memory is bad so the dates might be off a little but the events are all spot on. Anyways here we go.. I got into poker like many people during […]


Full-Ring Friends Series: TYJohnRambo

Tell me a bit about your poker story, how you came to be involved in online poker and what made you choose full-ring no limit games. Well, my story is a long one, and I’m older than most of you guys so bare with me on this ride. I started playing live around 1997 before I turned 21. Visited the Indian casinos where you only had to be 18 so never ran into any issues […]


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