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TT Picks Up OESD On Turn

This hand comes from a session that my friend Rohan and I played together. We were chatting on Skype about the hands as they were happening. This was one of the spots we weren’t quite sure which way to go! Villain is 16/14/3 over 700 hands. He calls on the flop on a pretty dry board, we pick up a straight draw on the turn, I can see the merits of both bet/folding and check/calling […]


Taking A Look Beyond My Own Hands – Friend’s Hands

Okay kids, these hands were sent to me by a friend. We got talking through 2+2, he’s from Australia also and playing 100nl with a bit of 200nl mixed in on the OnGame network. We have been bouncing some ideas off each other and I suggested he send me a few hands from his sessions every now and then and I’d review them on here. I’m hoping that looking at someone else’s hands will be […]

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