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My December Goals

December Goals – Reach 600,000 PokerStars VPP Milestone – Be at 593,000 VPPs by X-mas – $3,000 of sports wagering at BetCRIS – Repair my bike for the summer – Finish web site – Finish web site – Finish web site – 4 Days a week at the gym – Get 15 new sites on my blogroll – Aim to average 80 page views a day November Goals Passed With Flying Colours, […]


Improving Your Hand Rate At Full-Ring No Limit

One of the things that attracts a lot of people to full-ring cash games online is the ability to mega-table them and play a lot of hands every hour. The pace and lack of complexity of a lot of decisions allows experienced players to play up to 30 tables at once. I don’t take it that far, I feel like I’m giving too much up if I play anymore than 18 tables or so. That […]


Poker Blogs I Recommend

One of the things I enjoy in my spare time is reading the blogs of other poker players. I like getting an insight into their lives and how they balance poker with work and social life. I have a blogroll down in the sidebar, but I just thought I’d highlight a few ones I like especially and why. These are in no particular order… Life, Love & Poker – Belok Belok is a fellow full-ring […]


Misconceptions About Poker And Online Poker

As a poker enthusiast I often get involved in the same old conversations about my hobby. I find it highly amusing and frustrating that people who know nothing about poker and have never played it can cast some kind of judgement (moral or otherwise) over me when I tell them I am passionate about playing. For many they lump poker in with other casino games and put it in the same class as poker (video […]


UIGEA – Online Gaming Laws Get Even Tougher

In the final days of their administration the Republican Party is planning to try and sneak through even tougher restrictions on online gambling in the United States. To all Americans, please unite against this attack on personal freedom and capitalism. Online poker is unfairly under scrutiny because it is a game of skill and the way that these laws have tried to be rushed through before Bush leaves office is a disgrace. Even if poker […]


I Play At PokerStars

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