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My Aussie Millions

My venture into the world of live donkaments wasn’t really all that blogworthy, but I’ll share the details anyway. I basically ran completely card dead for the most part, and the times I did pick up hands they didn’t go so well. I never got above my starting stack of 5,000 and last about 5 or 6 levels. The first big hand I picked up was QQ utg, I raised and the button and big […]


January Goals

January Goals – 34k VPPs at PokerStars – Extreme Fitness – Lots of gym, runs, and gut-busting physical activity – Release 600k Milestone Bonus – Poker Schema Development – Study hard – Take some shots at $3/$6+ on Non-US Sites and maybe Stars and FTP December Goals Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed – Reach 600,000 PokerStars VPP Milestone – Be at 593,000 VPPs by X-mas – $3,000 of sports wagering at […]


Cricket and Poker

Day 3 of the Boxing Day Test was the worst day of cricket I can ever remember going to (from an Australian point of view). It was so exhausting to sit there and watch such a poor performance unfold. By the time the day was over and we were headed Crown to play a bit of live poker I probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it all. Rohan and I just decided […]


2009 Poker & Life Goals

2009 Poker Goals – 400,000 VPPs (assuming PokerStars VIP club remains relatively the same) – Play more on non-US sites – Play less tables more – Learn Pot Limit Omaha – Learn and play more MTTs – Win a Multi-Table Tournament – Get a coach or mentor for higher stakes – Play more short-handed —-  At least 50,000 Heads-Up Hands —- At least 200,000 3-6 Players Hands – Attend an APPT event – Take a […]


Regfest Video

I was approached by Artanis11 a few days ago about the possibility of getting together with 8 other regular PokerStars full-ring no limit cash game players to do a video. Basically, the idea being that all sit at a few tables together and then each record our session on video with commentary to share with the other eight players. I had a few reservations about it all. Mainly that I would never sit at a […]


I Play At PokerStars

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