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Cricket, Poker, Summer… Awesome

Haven’t done a blog in the while so just thought I’d do one about random life happenings. So Rohan (RaiderDuck) came down from Canberra on Boxing Day and I picked him up at the airport and then we headed straight to the MCG for the first day of the Boxing Day test match between Australia and South Africa. The first day’s play only really had one highlight and that was the Ricky Ponting century, apart […]


2009 Poker & Life Goals

2009 Poker Goals – 400,000 VPPs (assuming PokerStars VIP club remains relatively the same) – Play more on non-US sites – Play less tables more – Learn Pot Limit Omaha – Learn and play more MTTs – Win a Multi-Table Tournament – Get a coach or mentor for higher stakes – Play more short-handed —-  At least 50,000 Heads-Up Hands —- At least 200,000 3-6 Players Hands – Attend an APPT event – Take a […]


Dear Santy Claws

Dear Santy Claws, For this year’s installment of the day that reminds me how crap organised religion is and how much commercialism makes me want to puke I would like a nice shiny red bike! Not really… here is what I would really like… a) Continued health, happiness and prosperity for family, friends and myself. b) More freedom including a completely free and liberal internet. The government has no business in my or anyone else’s […]


My December Goals

December Goals – Reach 600,000 PokerStars VPP Milestone – Be at 593,000 VPPs by X-mas – $3,000 of sports wagering at BetCRIS – Repair my bike for the summer – Finish web site – Finish web site – Finish web site – 4 Days a week at the gym – Get 15 new sites on my blogroll – Aim to average 80 page views a day November Goals Passed With Flying Colours, […]


Improving Your Hand Rate At Full-Ring No Limit

One of the things that attracts a lot of people to full-ring cash games online is the ability to mega-table them and play a lot of hands every hour. The pace and lack of complexity of a lot of decisions allows experienced players to play up to 30 tables at once. I don’t take it that far, I feel like I’m giving too much up if I play anymore than 18 tables or so. That […]


I Play At PokerStars

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