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Blog Link Exchanges

I’m looking to exchange links on my blogroll with anyone with a blog. It doesn’t have to be poker related, but that would be preferable. If you are interested then please use the ‘Contact Me’ page to submit your site. Then, post my link on your blog and I will get yours up as soon as I can!


Australia Day

Today was Australia Day and I took the day off from poker and had a very good day. We went to the beach, it was a 34 degree day and there was a nice breeze down there. It was a great place to watch the Air Force flyovers for Australia Day and also the ye oldie boats out on the water to celebrate the European settlement of Australia. The holiday seems to be getting bigger […]


Things I Take For Granted

 Just want a bit of perspective so I’m going to post a list I came up with of the things I take for granted. My girlfriend and family My health Freedom and liberty Personal security Happiness The weather Food Technology Transport Entertainment


Got Cacti?

Took a day off today and went to the markets and picked up this cool bunch of cacti. The idea of a cactus appeals to me because I can keep it indoors and it doesn’t matter if I forget about caring for it for an extended period. Anyway, thought it looks pretty awesome and I’d share it on my blog!


Bit About Me Series – Birth Through Middle School

Welcome To The World I was born December 30th, 1985 in Carlton, at the northern edge of the Melbourne CBD in Australia. I was the first born child and first grandchild for both sets of my grandparents, so I’ve always been the oldest of my generation in the family. When I was born we were living close to where we live now, but we moved into our current house when I was one year old, […]


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