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Bit About Me Series – Early University

Getting A Part Time Job Once high school was over I set about getting a part-time job. I wasn’t really big on getting into retail or hospitality because I really didn’t want to have to deal with the general public. I ended up finding something that was actually pretty perfect me. I got a job as a shopping trolley collector at a major mall. I could be outdoors and keeping fit all while getting paid. […]


Bit About Me Series – Late High School

Without a doubt this was the most defining period I can think of in my life. It is the point where I transformed from child to adult and became who I am today and became friends with most of the people I keep in contact with to this day. 2001 – Year 10 – Highs And Lows 2001 was a very strange year, full of many highs and lows. I guess I will start by […]


Bit About Me Series – Birth Through Middle School

Welcome To The World I was born December 30th, 1985 in Carlton, at the northern edge of the Melbourne CBD in Australia. I was the first born child and first grandchild for both sets of my grandparents, so I’ve always been the oldest of my generation in the family. When I was born we were living close to where we live now, but we moved into our current house when I was one year old, […]

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