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Update and WSOP Asia

I haven’t updated my poker blog in forever. I’ve started a new blog over at for anyone interested in productivity, life hacking and physical fitness I recommend you check it out. I’ve been putting a decent amount of volume in at the tables of late, but am also in the process of acquiring a new business with someone I met through poker. It’s an exciting prospect, but a slow one tha requires a lot of […]


LifeFish Hang In Perth

I’m writing this blog from Newmanmi’s kitchen table after a week of hanging out with him, pwnchizzle and RaiderDuck. It’s been fun as always, but at the same time a sad reminder that we were all holidaying in tropical North Queensland this time a year ago without a care in the world. So much has changed in our worlds has changed since April 15th, 2011. Pwnchizzle is only chilling with us when he’s not busy […]


November Goals

Poker October was a pretty grueling month, apart from my success playing live I was pretty disappointed with it. It’s kind of a weird time of year in general for me, footy season is over and cricket hasn’t really started and I don’t have a lot of distractions outside of poker. I think next year I might look to do some traveling at around this time. A while back I posted about having some concentration/blurred […]


October Goals

Poker In September I continued my discipline when it came to reviewing my sessions and being honest with self-analysis. I was kind of disappointed with the volume I put it though and that I didn’t use my time not playing to relax as much as I should have as well. In October I’d like to get back to playing some serious volume as well as work on really improving my game away from the table. […]


Got Me A Ukulele


I posted some Ukulele YouTube clips on my blog a while ago now and ever since then my love of the Ukulele has been growing. It started with Jake Shimabukuro, but lately it has developed into an obsession for watching Julia Nunes clips on youtube while I play poker. All this watching/listening has made me keen to learn how to play, even though I barely have any spare time as it is! I ordered my […]


I Play At PokerStars

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