About Me

I am born, bred and still live in Melbourne, Australia. I play poker under the handle of EurekaKid online (as well as a few others). I’ve been playing poker since 2005, mostly full-ring no limit hold ’em, but have dabbled in other games and since 2011 have been playing a lot of 6-max as well.

I am a Commerce (Finance) graduate out of the University of Melbourne. I have a keen interest in economics, entrepreneurship and investment. To simplify my political/economic beliefs I would describe myself as an Anarcho-capitalist and follower of the Austrian School of economic thought.

I am a member and the founder of LifeFish, a group of like minded poker players who discuss strategy, travel together and blog over at LifeFish.net!

In my spare time I play a lot of sport. Cricket in the summer, Australian Football in the winter and Indoor cricket year round. I spend a lot of time in the gym as well as dabbling in other sports like squash, indoor soccer, basketball, pool, badminton and darts.

I like to travel with my fiancé and the LifeFish guys and enjoying blogging when I get the time and motivation to do it.

Welcome to my blog!

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