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I haven’t updated my poker blog in forever. I’ve started a new blog over at for anyone interested in productivity, life hacking and physical fitness I recommend you check it out.

I’ve been putting a decent amount of volume in at the tables of late, but am also in the process of acquiring a new business with someone I met through poker. It’s an exciting prospect, but a slow one tha requires a lot of patients. After 3 or 4 months of working towards it, things are starting to pick up pace now. Hopefully, by the end of the year we will be in and I’ll be blogging about my experiences!

My sporting commitments are also keeping me rather busy, with the cricket season recently coming to a close, where we were disappointingly knocked out in the first week of the finals. That means that it is all about footy now. I’ve taken on the role of Club Secretary for 2013, which has meant a fair bit of work over the off season to make sure 2013 is a successful year for the club.

My next big poker focus is the upcoming World Series of Poker Asia at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. I’ll hopefully resume poker blogging in the lead up to playing in it.

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