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Hey everyone, I just wrote a brief guide to Zoom Poker on PokerStars over at LifeFish.net! I’ve been playing Zoom religiously since it was released in late March and feel I’ve developed enough knowledge to share my experiences. Zoom makes poker more convienient and a lot more fun and I hope to see the game grow to a point where high stakes Zoom becomes a reality!

Here is an extract…

Know Your Table
Your table line-up changes every hand and therefore so should your ranges/decisions. My number one tip would be to be very thorough about colour coding your opponents allowing you to quickly recognise the dynamics of your table and make decisions accordingly. This can be difficult as the hands move so quickly and you don’t always have time to be taking notes. My advice would be to cut down to one table for a bit and just focus on colour coding everyone for a few orbits. Alternatively, use the replayer to go back over past hands and you can take notes from there.

Click here to read the full Zoom Poker Guide!

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