Poker Goals – Rest of April

Now that I’m back from my trip to Perth I really want to hit the ground running and look to put in some pretty solid grinding and working on my game until my next trip (likely to be in August). I’ve come to the realisation that my mental game is not what is used to be and I want to get it back and actually make it even better.  I’m going to look to work on it for the rest of the month at 100nl and then put all my work to the test by moving up at the start of May.
  • Grind 100nl rest of month
  • No looking at results until until end of month (get rid for esults/EV columns in HEM and use AHK to block cashier on Stars)
  • Listen to Mental game podcasts
  • Buy/read Mental Game book
  • Write a short blog about confidence
  • Develop some focus excercises
  • Break zoom tables every two hours
  • Review marked hands from previous session before resuming from break
  • Review a regular per day
  • Two sweats/reviews with LifeFish guys
  • Review a hand (my own or from forum) everyday with a LifeFish
  • Watch a few Ultimate Grinders free videos and decide if I want a membership
  • Review these goals on May 1st and post another goals blog

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  • Waiting for the confidence article!!!

    GL man, ultimate grinder is not only for 40bb??

  • The have some full-ring full stack guys on their roster, wouldn’t mind checking out some of the cap stuff regardless.

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