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I’m writing this blog from Newmanmi’s kitchen table after a week of hanging out with him, pwnchizzle and RaiderDuck. It’s been fun as always, but at the same time a sad reminder that we were all holidaying in tropical North Queensland this time a year ago without a care in the world. So much has changed in our worlds has changed since April 15th, 2011. Pwnchizzle is only chilling with us when he’s not busy saving lives as a doctor and poker is much less a topic of conversation.

Pwnchizzle had a couple of days off and we headed on a road trip North to a small fishing town called Cervantes. I went on monkey tilt because the local tavern couldn’t show me the Lions game live on TV and we had to wait for two hour delayed broadcast and then at 3 quarter time the entire town was blacked out. The next day with few less drinks in me a I realised I had a season pass on my phone to watch every game live. Thankfully, we were getting thrashed and it didn’t matter, but it soured the first night a little.

The next day was much more enjoyable though as we visited the Pinnacles (limestone formations sticking out of the ground). Newman’s lowered car struggled to tour as round the narrow and rocky dirt track through the


National Park, but got through unscathed. I was kind of hoping I’d get see him in rage mode having to change one of his brand new tyres (after he blew one of hisod one’s in the boiling heat on middle of highway last time we were on a road trip).

The weather has been great the whole trip and we’ve been spending a lot of time by the beach and swimming pool. RaiderDuck has been to pole dancing class twice to keep up his skills, as well as an amateur pole dancing show with some randoms he met on Facebook. I’m averaging about 15 games of pool a day, and still enraged by the Newman house rule that you must nominate a pocket on the 8-ball and that pocket is yours and yours only for the rest of game, results in some ridiculous end game play. Other than that, we’ve just been waching/betting sports, playing basketball and having a few drinks. Good times.

There may or may not be a video blog published at some point later in the trip (it’s been too long!). For now, enjoy this…

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