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Being an online poker player, the laws in other major poker playing countries have a dramatic impact upon my everyday life. None more so than the United States, which prior to April of this year contributed about 50% of the players that I would face on a daily basis. It is with great interest then, that I follow to 2012 US presidential race. In my mind, there are only two candidates that you can be serious about when it comes to the possibility of having a quick and easy return of US players to the global online gaming market. I’ll leave it to you guys to research these two guys more meaningfully, but I’ve come up with some of the pros and cons I used when comparing the two of them.

Gary Johnson


  • Has spoken out explicitly about online poker in this campaign and you get the sense it would be something high on his agenda
  • Comes across as less radical and possibly more appealing to people hearing the true freedom/liberty message for the first time
  • More likely to work with other people/parties in office and actually bring about some meaningful changes


  • Doesn’t have the following or money raising capabilities that Ron Paul does and thus stands even less chance of earning the nomination
  • Foreign policy
  • Maybe a little too willing to compromise on freedoms in order to please more people

Ron Paul


  • Greater recognition of his name and fundraising capabilities
  • The most consistent politician in recent memory at presenting his beliefs and following through on them
  • Has spoken out against government action on online gambling in the past (as shown in this clip from 2007 below)


  • More radical, which I personally think is a good thing from a philosophical perspective, but it does make him more polarizing to voters
  • Aged 75 and not getting any younger

Reason.tv: Gary Johnson or Ron Paul?

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