Our time in Belgium got off to a shaky start. We arrived at the hotel in Brussels about 3:30pm, check-in was at 1pm and neither of our two rooms were ready. Ordinarily, that’d just be annoying, but my girlfriend wasn’t feeling well after the car trip. We asked them several times nicely if there was anything that they could do. It seems they only took that seriously when she spewed up in the middle of the packed lobby. By the time we got into our room and she slept it off, it was Sunday morning.

We attempted to go out for breakfast, but it was a ghost town around the hotel. We found somewhere crappy to eat eventually and then checked out as quick as we could. If our Brussels experience had ended there it would have been one of the worst places I’ve ever been to, but thankfully we drove into the main part of town.
We took in some of the sites like the Royal Palace, Parliament, Grand Place Markets, Cathedral of St. Michael and Manneken Pis. Lunch was probably the highlight for me, I had an authentic Belgian serving of black and white sausage with apple sauce. Just what I need after the ordeal of the night before and walking around in the cold all morning. Later, I had a pretty tasty waffle as well!

It was a short drive to Bruges. This time the hotel was less fancy, but perfectly located. We checked in just as the sun was setting and had the main market squares right on our doorstep. It looked amazing at night with all the medieval buildings lit up, Christmas lights and decorations, market stalls and heaps of people walking the stone streets. For dinner I had a Flemish stew cooked in Belgian beer, again hit the spot!

It snowed overnight and we spent the morning exploring more of the town before heading for the Euro Tunnel from France to the UK.

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