I’m currently sitting on a flight to Germany after having just spent two nights in Singapore. I’m traveling with my girlfriend and her mum and will be spending the next 18 days travelling through Europe. It was my first time in Singapore and it’ll be my first time in Europe as well.

The day we arrived in Singapore we got in at 5am and had to kill time before checking into the hotel. It was a super long day since I got very little sleep on the flight, but we managed to do a lot of things. Highlights included Duck boat tour of the city and harbor, going on the Singapore Flyer at night (massive Ferris wheel type thing) and going to the SkyPark on top of the brand new casino at night. The views from both the Flyer and SkyPark were spectacular.

On the second day we did a bus tour and at night we went out to dinner with my Uni friend Bryan, who I hadn’t seen since I graduated four years ago. He took us to a really great Chinese restaurant and ordered us an awesome meal, the best dish being the crispy chicken. After dinner, Bryan and I went out for a few beers while the other two went out shopping (a theme of the trip). It was great to catch up with him and chat about sport, sports betting, life in Singapore and politics. I didn’t know a whole lot about the Singaporean political system, but came away enlightened. Since he graduated from Melbourne Uni and returned home, he’s served 1.5 years of his 2 years compulsory national service in the army. That really makes you appreciate freedom I guess.

I caught up with Bryan again today before we went to the airport, did some shopping and we saw a movie to pass time before our flight. I’m super excited about going to Europe for the first time, albeit really not looking forward to the cold. I’d recommend Singapore for a couple of days stop over for sure, especially if you like shopping.

Pic 1: View of casino and Singapore Flyer with skyline in background at sunset
Pic 2: View from the top of the Flyer at night
Pic 3: For pwnchizzle’s viewing pleasure… this is me in my Singaporean gardens achieving ultimate enlightenment.

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