We flew into Frankfurt on Thursday and immediately hired a car and drove for about 4 hours to get to Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was pretty crazy on the roads, with the unlimited speeds of Germany and then the ridiculously small streets of Amsterdam. Having a car in Amsterdam is a terrible idea, parking was an absolute nightmare. Everyone rides a bike, they are just everywhere!

My fellow Life Fish JoopJan lives an hour or so out of Amsterdam. I missed him in Vegas by a day earlier in this year so I was keen to finally meet him while I was close by. He came into the city and we had a nice dinner, a few beers and he showed me around a bit. Even though I was incredibly jet-lagged that night, I had a good time and he is a really awesome guy. One of the things I love about online poker is the friend it gives you around the world.

The next day was a long and really enjoyable one. We started out by taking a canal boat tour, then went to Madame Tussaud, the Amsterdam Dungeon and the Royal Palace. The highlight came at night though when we did a walking tour of the Red Light District. It went for over two hours and included a 45 minute Q&A with an ex-prostitute. It was a Friday night, there were heaps of people around and the place was buzzing.

On Saturday we woke up to the first snow of the trip, we did a final bit of sightseeing and shopping in the morning and then hit the road for Brussel, Belgium.

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  • Amsterdam…so sick, looking forward to hearing an overview upon completion of this trip!

    Happy holidays-
    Poker Lessons

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