November Goals


October was a pretty grueling month, apart from my success playing live I was pretty disappointed with it. It’s kind of a weird time of year in general for me, footy season is over and cricket hasn’t really started and I don’t have a lot of distractions outside of poker. I think next year I might look to do some traveling at around this time. A while back I posted about having some concentration/blurred visions issues, which at the time I attributed to going cold turkey on caffeine. I got checked out by a doctor and optometrist this month. We kind of figure out I was getting temporary short sightedness as a result of gazing at my computer screen all day. SO since then and definitely from now on I’m going to be looking to take more breaks to allow my eye muscles to relax for a bit.

October Results

– 80,000 hands – Achieved

– 1 session of sweating a friend per week – Failed

– Review top 5 regulars on my list – Failed

November Goals

– 80,000 hands

– Work on my discipline and concentration, in particular making some big laydown vs. nits

– Take more breaks

– Talk more strategy with friends


Not quite as happy with my effort in October as I was in September. Didn’t set the world on fire in gym, but also didn’t slack off too much. Had ambitious goals of running a lot, but struggled for motivation most of the time and cricket kind of got in the way a bit. Total fail at playing a single game of squash in October, hoping to rectify that in November. I’m going to Europe at the end of November for a few weeks, I really want to try and keep up my gym work and more importantly eat well while I’m traveling.

October Results

– Run 100km – Failed

– Get back into Squash – Failed

– Set some new PBs with weights – Pass

– Attend on cricket training per week – Achieved

November Goals

– Run 40km

– Play 2 sessions of squash

– Set some new PBs with weights

– Attend on cricket training per week

– Don’t eat crap while on holiday


October Results

– Learn 4 new Ukulele chords and work on my strumming and chord progression – Failed

– Play a ton of Fifa 11 šŸ˜€ – Achieved

November Goals

– Relax and have fun on holiday and use time away to just think more about the future

Clip To Inspire

This month’s song comes from the Soft Pack, from petteytheft’s hometown of San Diego. I like their sound :)

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