Agent Orange Update!

It’s been an eternity since I last blogged about the trials and tribulations of the might Agent Orange Sports Club. LifeFish readers will never have heard of them so I will provide a bit of background. We are an indoor sports club that formed in 2006. At first, we only had an Indoor Soccer side, but soon after we started an indoor cricket team too. I take my indoor cricket a lot more seriously than I do soccer (mostly because I never played soccer growing up and thus am not all that co-ordinated).

For those of you unfamiliar with indoor cricket or cricket itself, the indoor version plays a lot differently to the regular version of the game in terms of both rules and tactics. However, the fundamentals of batting, bowling and fielding are still very important. We play in a six a side competition, once a week all year round. At one stage we actually had three teams going so I was playing three times a week, but with outdoor cricket as well that all got a bit much.

When we first started out we were in the bottom grade (M grade I believe). The team has changed a little over the years, but there is four of us who have been there since the first season. We won the B grade premiership last season (unfortunately I missed the game as I was hanging out in the USA with the Life Fish). Next week, we begin our play-off campaign to defend our title in the same grade. Hopefully, we can also earn promotion into A grade and complete an almighty rise to the top.

As reigning champions it’s been a bit of a weird season. We’ve struggled to get a team together consistently, having to draft in inexperienced players and never really getting anything rhythm with our performances. We started out the season in A grade, but after the grading period ended we were dropped back down to B/C league. We’ve managed to get a bit of experience back the last couple of weeks and finished the season strong to make the finals of B grade. As captain of the side, I’ve got a few selection dilemmas for the first week of the finals now as we managed to unearth some talent while others were injured and unavailable.

A few months back we ordered a new playing strip. Our previous one was a plain orange polo with our name written across the back. Two weeks ago we took delivery our new ones and they are absolutely awesome, by far the most professional in any of the leagues at the indoor sports centre. I’ve attached some snaps of me modelling it!

I’ll be sure to keep everyone informed of our finals performances via the blog. In the mean time, I’d welcome anyone interested to follow us on our web site, Facebook and Twitter!

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  • Hey man,

    Would be great if you’d be willing to swap blog links with me. I have added you to mine @ http://atkinator.blogspot.com

    The thought of indoor cricket has always scared me a little, odds of getting twatted by the ball must increase when fielding!


  • Done, thanks :)

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