AFL Grand Final Review – Part 2

Unfortunately, the Grand Final replay was a massive anti-climax. Much like the first game, Collingwood dominated the first half and had slightly more to show for it this time. St. Kilda were only a little further back than they were at half-time in the first game, but wasn’t the same sense that they could comeback. They looked tired, slow and battered from the week before, meanwhile Collingwood’s youth held them in good stead.

When St. Kilda missed a few shots at goal early in the 3rd term, the game was all but over. I ended up leaving the ground early in the last quarter as the game turned into a thrashing and I didn’t really want to be there anymore. On the train home there were a lot of St. Kilda supporters in decent spirits, despite their team still only having one premiership in 114 years.

It was disappointing that the game ended up having a 56 point margin in the replay, the effort of both sides in the first game deserved something more epic. I’m absolutely gutted that Collingwood broke their 20 year drought and even more upset that they did it in such convincing fashion and have a young list so they may be in line for more success in the next few years.

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  • Hi, I’m a big fan of Aussie Rules. I went to see a few games in Sydney and Melbourne when I was down there a few years ago. How would you rate the current crop of Irish guys playing in the AFL?

    Will you pay much attention to the Compromise Rules series between Ireland and Australia thats on in the coming weeks?

  • I follow the Lions and we have had two Irish players in recent years. Colm Begley has left, but I liked him. He never got a good go thouigh. Now we have Pearce Hanley, who up until about a month before the season ended I was ready to see the back of. Once he got to play a few games in a row though he was very impressive. Such amazing kicking skill for someone new to the game, I’m looking forward to him making a name for himself next year.

    As for International Rules Series, there isn’t a heap of care for it here. That said, people will attend just for the spectacle. I like that they aren’t doing it every year now. One concern though is players getting injured, hardly seems worth it for what is at stake.

  • Well the international rules was a borefest this year, with the only exciting bit coming in the final quarter of the second match. Australia again showed up the Irish with heir kick passing skills and defensive organisation.

    I actually have never heard of Pearce Hanley, he must come from a smaller county over here and flew under the radar. I will keep an eye out for him now.

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