October Goals

In September I continued my discipline when it came to reviewing my sessions and being honest with self-analysis. I was kind of disappointed with the volume I put it though and that I didn’t use my time not playing to relax as much as I should have as well.

In October I’d like to get back to playing some serious volume as well as work on really improving my game away from the table. I’d like to try and go beyond reviews of my own hands and into studying some other regulars, taking in a bunch of videos and delving into some strategy discussion.

September Results
– 80,000 hands – Failed
– Constant and thorough hand reviews ala August – Achieved
– At least 5 poker free days – Achieved
– Tackle 3 of the most important concepts I want to delve into – Pass Mark

October Goals
– 80,000 hands
– 1 session of sweating a friend per week
– Review top 5 regulars on my list

Started out the month really well on the cardio side, but that has kind of slipped away in the later half of the month. The guy I’d been playing squash with went overseas and my girlfriend and I haven’t found the time to go and play badminton. From a weights point of view I’m really happy with my output in September in terms of volume of gym sessions and effort I put in. I’m going to Europe in late November and I know I’m going to eat crap and not exercise as much as I should while I’m over there so I kind of want to be in awesome shape before I get there. Hence, through October and early November I really want to push myself. The weather is starting to get better in Melbourne and I’d love to get out and do more running in the next few weeks.

September Results
– Really push myself each weights session, not just go through the motions – Achieved
– Protein shake after every session – Achieved
– Play either Badminton or Squash at least once a week – Pass Mark
– Attend every pre-season cricket training session – Achieved
– Dedicate more time to health and fitness and less time to poker – Pass Mark

October Goals
– Run 100km
– Get back into Squash
– Set some new PBs with weights
– Attend on cricket training per week

September Results – Learn a song on the Ukulele – Achieved
– Test drive more cars and make a decision on a purchase – Achieved

October Goals
– Learn 4 new Ukulele chords and work on my strumming and chord progression
– Play a ton of Fifa 11 šŸ˜€

Clip To Inspire
Nick Cave is one our best Aussie musical exports and I’ve been enjoying this song from his side project band Grinderman.

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