September Goals

August was an interesting month, to say the least. I started off playing really poorly and not having a lot of things going my way. I fought through that though and I’m especially proud of the way I a) kept showing up every session with a really great attitude and b) kept working on my game away from the tables, in particular constant hand reviews. It would have been easy for me to pack it in early on and stop working at my game and just take some time off from poker (which I nearly did). I’m glad I kept at it though.

In September, I’m hopefully going to have a bit more free time on my hands given that neither the footy team I play for nor support made the finals and cricket season is still a month away. I also think I want to play a little less poker this month and study a bit more. Therefore my goals are…

– 80,000 hands
– Constant and thorough hand reviews ala August
– At least 5 poker free days
– Tackle 3 of the most important concepts I want to delve into

Between footy trainings and games and just feeling generally sore and a bit run down my weight training was kind of pathetic in August, I definitely want to turn that around in September.I also want to maintain the improved cardio fitness I picked up through August. I’m also keen to play Badminton and Squash a bit more with the spare time I’ll have.

– Really push myself each weights session, not just go through the motions
– Protein shake after every session
– Play either Badminton or Squash at least once a week
– Attend every pre-season cricket training session
– Dedicate more time to health and fitness and less time to poker

– Learn a song on the Ukulele
– Test drive more cars and make a decision on a purchase

Clip To Inspire
This is just a really fun song by an awesome Aussie band called The Cat Empire. It’s a couple of years old, but I certainly hope to “Welcome fishies to my hook” this month :)

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