Got Me A Ukulele

I posted some Ukulele YouTube clips on my blog a while ago now and ever since then my love of the Ukulele has been growing. It started with Jake Shimabukuro, but lately it has developed into an obsession for watching Julia Nunes clips on youtube while I play poker.

All this watching/listening has made me keen to learn how to play, even though I barely have any spare time as it is! I ordered my very own Ukulele off EBay the other day and I’m going to set about learning whenever I can. It arrived today and I’m already annoying my girlfriend with it and my dog likes the sound even less. My good friend and fellow LifeFish RaiderDuck, who is already an extremely talented musician, is keen to pick it up as well. He very nearly bought one when we were in Hawaii and has now ordered one off Ebay himself.

Hopefully one day I’ll be good enough to jam with RaiderDuck and post a clip, but for now here are a couple of my favourites from YouTube. Enjoy!

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