Friday the 13th – Old Lady Puts Hex On Me

As I walked out of my local supermarket today, I was living the dream! Wearing my full PokerStars tracksuit, a smile on my face and looking forward to a wonderful weekend, life couldn’t have gotten much better. Little did I know, my world was about to be rocked.

The car park doesn’t provide a lot of breathing room at the best of times, but then just as I was about to reverse out some idiot decided to snuggle their car right up next to me leaving only a few inch gap. Traffic is meant to flow one way and I had no room to back out that way, I was trapped.

Being quite busy, I had to sit there for about 10 minutes waiting for a backlog of cars to clear and look for an opening to quickly sneak out the other direction. My opening arrived, I could successfully duck around a corner without impacting on any traffic and no one would care… or so I thought.

Out of nowhere streams this crazy old Italian lady, waving her walking stick in the air and pointing in the opposite direction and yelling what I can only imagine were some colourful words. At this point I’m sure a lot of you would have honked at her incessantly or lowered your window and told the crazy bitch where to get off. I’m a pretty chill driver though and I just chose to ignore her and try to slowly creep past her.

She didn’t take a liking to that! BANG BANG BANG! She took her walking stick to my window and as I tried to get past, still yelling things at the top of her voice. It was at that point that it struck me that it was Friday the 13th and the only logical conclusion was that this lady was putting some kind of hex on me. Once I was clear I sped off, sweating profusely and feeling like my whole world was crumbling.

I burst through my front door, threw my groceries on the ground, rushed to my computer and pulled up a few tables. If I was to be cursed for all eternity, I wanted know right away! 5 minutes in, I sucked out on someone for a stack, my heart rate slowed and everything felt good again. I will however, always be looking over my shoulder in fear of that crazy old lady every time I go grocery shopping.

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