Been a very long time since I put out a blog, I’ve been super busy the last few months buying a house and then organizing all the stuff that comes after. Settlement is on the 28th and I’m very excited, but at the same time a little bit nervous. Pencil in the house warming party for September!


July was probably one of the worst months I’ve had poker wise, basically got owned shot taking at higher stakes early in the month and then battled running bad, poor concentration, low confidence, crappy software and lack of hand volume later in the month. Feeling much better about things now, learned a lot of lessons out of it all and August is already looking a lot better.

Indoor Cricket
Finals campaign for both Agent Orange sides was woeful/depressing. We just can’t seem to perform when it matters. Someone should sack the captain…

The Ashes
The series has been going pretty terrible for Australia thus far, but at least my prop bets with RaiderDuck have been keeping things interesting. He’s been doing pretty well in the batting department with his team of Watson/Hughes, Ponting and Clarke vs. my Katich, Hussey, North. Thankfully though, Siddle and Hilfy have minimised the damage for me in the last couple of tests with their wickets.

Interesting Clip
This is a few months old, but pretty amazing if you haven’t seen it.

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  • Hey there!
    I started now to read your blog. It’s pretty cool!
    I also read your article about confidende. Extremely interesting, and gave me some new perspectives to think about.

    Keep it up!

    Greats from Portugal. :)

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