Month End Update

I’ve been extremely slack in blogging lately, but mostly because I haven’t had much important to say. April has been a pretty hectic month of playing poker, studying, looking for a house and other random things that I’ve been doing, but nothing has really stood out as blog-worthy.

I’ve spent much of the last few Saturday’s touring through potential houses that have been open for inspection. A few of them have had crazy amounts of people going through, which is kind of scary. The upcoming deadline for the government’s double First Homeowner’s Grant is causing a bit of a mad rush I think. At the same time though, one of the places I looked at the first weekend, sold last Saturday for under what they had listed and what other similar properties are listed at. I’ve probably got 2 or 3 on my shortlist at the moment, which are due to go to auction in the next couple of weeks. Time is on my side though; I have no urgent need to move out of home. It’s one of the bigger life decisions I’ll make so I want to get it right.

Last Sunday I trekked down to Geelong with Paul (Cats supporter) to watch the Lions play in what can only be described as atrocious weather. At least the forecast hail never came, but it was cold, windy and wet. My mood wasn’t helped by the abysmal effort the Lions put in. If my hopes for season 2009 weren’t crushed by the home loss to Collingwood, it certainly was down in Geelong. If we don’t beat Essendon at home this weekend then you’d have to say we probably won’t be making an appearance in September for the fifth year in a row.

Indoor cricket has been going very well the last few weeks; we’ve had some very important victories. The highlight was a match two weeks ago in which we got lucky to stay in the game somehow until the last over with scores tied. Brad ran a guy out on the last ball to win us the match; nothing beats the feeling of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Ron Paul discusses the HR1207 bill to audit the US Federal Reserve. Those who are followers of Austrian School economic theory (like me), blame much of the current economic crises on the Fed and fiat currency.

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