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In our last full day in Hong Kong we spent a few hours browsing the markets picking up some last minute presents and stuff for ourselves to make sure our suitcases were bursting at the seams on the way home. Over the course of the trip I feel like I became pretty well versed at haggling for stuff. In the end I was just saying to them “I’ve been offered x price elsewhere” and then not even giving an inch, just walking away if they wouldn’t take it. There were a few instances where I’d already gone a few shops down and they came running after me.

I feel like Hong Kong and Macau were the perfect destination to wet my appetite for travel into Asia. We got by on English okay, but struggled at some points. Rohan thinks they had a better grasp of it in Thailand. I think that just under a week in each city was enough to take it all in and I can definitely see myself returning in the future.

Now that I’m home, my focus is turning to buying a house in the next few months. Hopefully, my haggling experience in Hong Kong will come in handy in the negotiations. Owning real estate is said to be the Australian dream (and the American dream and I’m sure everywhere else’s dream). I’m not entirely sold on the whole notion, in fact it kind of makes me sick the length’s governments around the world will go to in order to sell ‘the dream’ and then artificially prop up housing prices through their policy making and the presence of a central bank. It is kind of laughable that everyone just goes into the housing market expecting their house to be worth more in 5 or 10 years time, of course prices are going to go up because the government is involved in creating inflation and the prices for everything go up. When you actually look at real estate in terms of something real and tangible like the gold, you can see that over time property appreciates only marginally. All that is for another blog though. I’ll be cautiously dipping my toe into waters of real estate investment, and diversifying myself in other areas at the same time.

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