Lazy Day, Shopping And Lan Kwai Fong

Late night trips to the police station and midnight poker sessions caught up with Rohan and he basically didn’t leave the room for 24 hours sleeping an lazing around. I took the opportunity to go to the markets on my own and do a bunch of personal and present shopping. I think I actually started to get pretty good at the whole negotiation thing, in the end I was just saying a price until they agreed to it otherwise I just walked away, which usually had them running after me agreeing to my price. I’m fairly sure all the stuff I bought will fit in my luggage, but there is still more that I want to get.

At night we caught the train to the CBD and had dinner then checked out Lan Kwai Fong, the ‘premiere dining and entertainment destination’ in Hong Kong. It was absolutely packed being a Friday night. It is basically a collection of pubs and clubs and it was so popular people were out on the street drinking. There seemed to be a very high volume of westerners there, surprise surprise. We decided we’d return on Saturday night, got some ice cream and headed home.

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