Sham Shui Po

We decided for the afternoon we’d take a walk up to Sham Shui Po and check out what was going on there. It took longer than we thought to get there and we lost our way a little bit, but ended up finding our bearings and coming across the markets we were after. There was more of a fresh fruit and electronics focus and lots of things we hadn’t seen before. There were people selling second hand things and it certainly didn’t feel as touristy. There were lots of fruit shops and butchers where they were slicing up meat pretty much on the street and chopping fish heads off in front of you, the sidewalk was covered in blood and the smells were interesting.

Rohan wanted to eat dinner somewhere seedy, so we did and they had no idea about English so we just pointed at pictures on the wall. I couldn’t stomach mine, it was stewed beef but it didn’t taste like beef at all. They gave us what we thought was tea but then it turned out that it wasn’t hot and then we saw people washing their hands and putting their cutlery in it. I didn’t touch mine; I still have no idea what it was.

By far the highlight of our journey to Sham Shui Po was the computer arcade. It was multiple levels of computer shops all next to each other and the place was completely packed out. It was quite unbelievable how many people were buying computer gear, media players and video gaming stuff. If I was in the market for building a computer or anything electronic really I would have been in heaven. Things were about 40-50% cheaper when compared to back home I’d say.

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  • The “tea” was tea with some lemon in it. Its used to clean the grease from the plates after eating and also used to wash your hands in. This strips of the grease after eating with your hands.
    Also can you post a picture of the gym at night.

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