Hong Kong Day 2

On our second day in Hong Kong, RaiderDuck slept in after a 3am close to his poker session while I played mine in the morning. After lunch we caught the train from Mongkok to Central station on Hong Kong Island. We navigated our way from the station, through Statue Square, the gardens and to the tram terminal for the Peak.

The tram climbs a really steep gradient to the top of Victoria Peak, which is a great place to look out over the Hong Kong skyline. Unfortunately, we have barely seen the sun since we got here and today was no different with the haze. The view was still pretty good, but we really couldn’t see much past the first few blocks of Kowloon. It’d be great to go back there at night, especially if it is clear.

At night, we were about to head to the markets when Rohan realised that he was missing about HK$6,000 that he had stashed in his laptop bag. We decided we’d mount a search when we got back from the market. When we returned from shopping at about 11pm we couldn’t find it anywhere so he went and told hotel staff. They sent up two security guys to search our room, they went through our bins, looked under everything and through our bags and stuff. They found nothing went and proceeded to check the garbage and linen that had been removed from our room.

Nothing showed up, so Rohan went to the police station to report it. I’m not really sure what the police stuff achieved, from what I read our travel insurance doesn’t cover stolen cash if it isn’t on your person. He left at about 2am and was there until like 4am. Anyway, they have camera footage of housekeeping being in our room about 20 minutes before we got back from the peak and other than that nobody has been in here. It seems pretty clear where the money went, but there is probably no way to prove it since it is their word against ours. Thankfully, I was carrying most of my money on me and the rest was locked in the safe. Rohan has been giving me grief about being so security conscious; don’t think he will be anymore.

Anyway, we went back to the same markets as the first night and bought a lot more this time. We had dinner in a street restaurant where they were cooking the food outside. Rohan ordered some sea snails, I tried some and they didn’t really have a taste. On the way home we walked through the red light district and got some interesting offers to say the least.

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