April Goals

April Goals
– 1 hour of cardio every day after I get back from holiday
– Finish Agent Orange MVP voting
– Contact mortgage broker and start looking at houses
10k VPPs PokerStars
– Play less tables/start more tables

  • >10k hands 6 players or less

– Poker Study

  • Deep stacked play
  • Late position/blinds situations
  • 3-betting in all positions
  • Raising flops

March Goals
Passed With Flying Colours, Could Have Done Better, Failed
Poker Study

  • Find some higher stakes players to share a few hands with
  • Deep stacked

    • PLO

    Finish bonus
    – Blog

    • 5 interviews
    • A blog a day while traveling

    – Fitness

    • Run 20km
    • Cycle 200km
    • Set 3 new weights PB’s

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