Hong Kong: Mongkok

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Upon arriving in Hong Kong we stopped for lunch at the Ferry terminal and then headed straight to the hotel. It was probably the best meal I’ve had all trip and the cheapest. We are staying at the Langham Place Hotel in Mongkok, the area with the highest population density in the world. We have a pretty good view of Lanhgam Place shopping mall and train station.

We messed around online for a while and then decided to hit the gym. One of the reasons we chose this place was because of how awesome the fitness centre looked, with its epic skyline views. We weren’t disappointed and I’m sure it looks even better at night.

After the gym we gave the pool a look. The locker rooms are something quite extraordinary and over the top. There is a guy employed in there to meet your every need, a dedicated area to shave and style your hair with all the products available, showers, steam room, sauna, piping hot relaxation pool and I think the coolest thing was a mini dryer thing that extracts the water from your swimsuit. Needless to say, RaiderDuck totally owned the place strutting around in his robe.

The pool is on the rooftop and provides good all around views. It felt like a hot tub compared to the ice waters of Macau. We hung out there for a while; saw a couple having wedding photos taken poolside. We resisted the temptation to splash them.

After some dinner we caught a cab down to the Temple Street night markets. The merchandise was pretty much what you would expect, clothing, jewellery, accessories, electronics etc. They seemed to go on forever, at least four or five decent sized blocks. We were both surprised by how little you were hassled as you walked along. We ended up walking all the way back past where we are staying and to the Ladies Market. It was pretty much more of the same, but a lot closer to home.

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