Goodbye Macau

We are currently on the Ferry leaving Macau after five nights here, and I am definitely keen to head back again. The shorter trip from home and lower costs when compared to Vegas definitely work in its favour, as well as the different culture.

I was impressed with how the poker rooms were run and the level of traffic they had given that it is not peak season. The live games here have actually been pretty weak/tight when compared with Vegas and back home. As you would expect there has been a lot of limping, but raises actually tend to get respect pre-flop and I’ve seen very little bluffing and aggression post-flop. Coming here I was expecting wild games with the locals living up to the crazy gamble stereotype. On average, one player at the table has been drinking and I think that has a lot to do with the tameness of the games. If there is one thing the poker rooms lack here it is a good cocktail service to keep the players well lubricated. They are actually downright stingy when it comes to drink service for poker players.

There wasn’t much to blog about the last few days, we have just been hitting the gym and pool and playing poker live and online. I ended up winning five figures (HKD) for the trip, RaiderDuck lost a few thousand and we were splitting our action. So, once again I run incredibly bad in that department (I ended up having to fork over a similar amount in Vegas last year). Maybe next time I’ll negotiate a deal a 50/25 deal with him because he is so bad at owning the souls of fish =p.

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