Macau Night 2: Poker at Starworld

We had another interesting restaurant experience last night, this time in our very hotel. It was another Chinese restaurant and not much English was spoken. We decided to order a couple of weird items like pigeon and friend rice with crocodile as well as a basic chicken dish. Two of our items came out really quickly and we waited and waited for our last one and nothing showed. Eventually we caught the attention of someone after being ignored for ages and then got out of there.

The restaurant backed onto the poker room, we walked in expecting it to be buzzing at 9pm on a Friday night, but there was only one table running and one with two people sitting at it. We joined the short table as did a few others and a game got going.

The first couple of dealers were painfully slow, it was taking what felt like an eternity to play hands even though the table was still five and six handed. For the first few hours I mostly played position, I had one hand where I made the nut flush on river and won a decent pot heads up. Other than that I mostly just chipped away all night, never went to showdown.

Allowing smoking at the table is annoying the hell out of me, all my clothes stink and it is taking a lot of fun out of it. Towards the end it was all getting too much for me, it was making my eyes tired and affecting my interest in playing. I ended up winning about $2,000HKD at what ended up bring a pretty tight table. I don’t really remember any massive all-ins. Rohan managed to pick up AA vs KK and got that all-in pre-flop, but other than that there were no real coolers or big showdowns in the 3 or 4 hours we played.

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