Macau – Night 1

Once we were able to check into our room we had a little play around on the net and then napped for a few hours. After that we hit the streets and headed towards the Lisboa Casino. On our way we stopped and watched the fountain show at the Wynn.

Inside Lisboa we got completely lost looking for somewhere to eat. We ended up coming across this obscure restaurant and by that stage we were so hungry we didn’t care. No one really spoke English, but the majority of the menu had a limited description. We stayed away from the turtle, sea snail and pigeon and went for safety with pork noodles and satay beef. We were the only ones in there and there were about 15 staff just standing around. Only a couple of them had any grasp on English and they were off putting in our food order when we tried to ask for a couple of Coke’s. They had absolutely no idea what we were on about and thought we wanted them to take a photo of them and then later I think they thought we were calling one of them pretty. Anyway, they were laughing at us and talking about us in Cantonese and we were doing the same in English.

Eventually, we got our drinks and two massive bowls of noodles that we had to force ourselves to finish even though we were starving. It took 8 of the staff to deliver our food, a bowl each and someone designated brought us forks. They were all sweating over us the entire time, you’d look away for a second and they’d be re-filling your drink etc.

After dinner we navigated our way to the poker room. Of course, as soon as we headed to the ground floor in the lift we came across an area that had about 10 restaurants. To get into the casino areas here you have to go through metal detectors. When I took my camera out they stuck a no photos allowed sticker on it which I thought was quirky. Some guy came up and tried to sweet talk us and we knew something was up, he eventually tried to sell us some ‘beautiful girls’.

The room is sponsored by PokerStars and we got seated at separate $10/$20nl HKD games and bought in for 2k pretty much straight away (the equivalent of about $2/$4nl AUD or $1.5/$3 USD). That was the highest game going at the time. The play at my table wasn’t all that terrible. I mean there was the usual passive pre-flop limping, but no one was spazzing out post-flop and there were a lot of small pots with multiple people still in by the river.

I never really got anything going, had a couple of failed c-bets early, a few whiffed AKs after raising in EP and getting a few callers. Had two major hands, one where I isolated the HJ with 8c4c on the button. Flop came 572 two clubs, he check/called. Turn was a blank T or something, he checked, I checked. River was an off suit ace, he checked and I decided to try and take it. He thought for a bit and called with Ac6c. So I never really had much equity there. Had a hand later on in a raised pot against the same guy where I donked the flop from the small blind with ATs on a T7x board, turn was a 7 and I ended up losing a decent sized pot to his 78.

Ended up losing a little bit for the session, I was kind of playing conservative as I don’t have that much cash in HKD yet. Hopefully I’ll be withdrawing bunch tomorrow so I can play with freedom next time. Rohan said his game was a lot looser; he ended up losing a bit too, but had some ugly hands.

As I write this blog we have been watching the replay of the Richmond v. Carlton game on a channel called the Australia network. I looked up the guide for the next few days and it looks like the Lions game is going to be on close to live which is a pleasant surprise.

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